Day 6 – Take Root Home Visitation

Date: November 9, 2020

Duration: 2.50 Hours

  • Live Group Session

    1.5 Hours

    • Welcome and check-in
    • Follow-up discussion on newly read Everyday/Special Focus Moments chapters
    • Review the Jones Family independent study work: share Intake/Update Form data, Visit Plans, and identified external resources or other support (Visit Reporting Form)
    • Introduce the Collarelli Family and show the Collarelli Case Study Module
    • Breakout Session (30 minutes): Collarelli Family – Creating a First Visit
    • Assign independent study work
  • Independent Study

    1 Hour

    Collarelli Family:

    1. Create an additional first visit using (1) the data from the family’s case study and (2) your professional skills in seeing areas of growth and need.


    Select an Everyday Moments chapter you have not yet read.

    1. Read the chapter and answer the following questions:
      • Which Protective Factors are supported by information related to this topic?
      • How might you use the “Through a Child’s Eyes” chart to help a parent build their skills or knowledge?
      • Reflect on the TICP section of your topic chapter. Can you think of a time when applying one or more of these principles in a home visit was or could have been helpful for a parent? (If you do not have a specific professional experience, how could one or more of the TICP principles be used in working with the Collarelli family?)
    2. Review this chapter’s Family Pages.
      • Select one- or two-Family Pages that you could have ready to use at any given visit that would apply to many families.
      • Are there any Family Pages that you would want to wait to use until you have established a strong or steady relationship with a parent? If so, which one(s) and why?
    3. Review the TRHV Activity Cards with your selected Everyday Moments chapter in mind.
      • If you use information from this Everyday Moment in a visit or series of visits, what kinds of activities might you plan?
      • Use the TRHV Activity Cards to consider how the activities enable you to reinforce elements of mindful and reflective parenting.

    Synthesis Questions:

    Complete the Synthesis Questions Qualtrics Survey and be prepared to share and discuss your responses on Day 7. You are encouraged to print your completed survey, so your answers are available to you for the discussion on Day 7. (Due by 6pm ET)

  • Open Office Hours

    3:00-4:00pm ET

    with Kimberly

  • Materials Needed