Now that you have been officially trained in the Take Root Home Visitation (TRHV) curriculum, you can use the Online Repository to navigate the curriculum and associated resources in a digital format. Please use the drop-down menu under the Resources tab to access any TRHV materials you may need.

Online Repository Organization

The TRHV Everyday and Special Focus Moments chapters are separated by the following overarching categories:

  • Daily Care and Living Routines
  • Young Children’s Play and Exploration
  • Parenting Life
  • Military Family Life

You can use the Family Pages to guide your interactions and discussions with the families you are working with. The Family Pages include techniques and strategies that families can use in different settings and situations, and they can be shared with families as a downloadable version or in print.

Go Pages are abbreviated Family Pages, and you can use them with families whom you may only see once or twice. They can help you quickly cover topics, like safety, when you are unsure of the future connection you might have with a family.

Forms are available to use throughout the planning and preparation processes as you implement TRHV with families.

Tip Sheets provide you, the home visitor, with additional information or speaking points about a particular topic and resources you can offer to your families to help them make connections to supports and referrals.

Checklists cover a variety of topics that can help families gain a better understanding of the action steps or necessary supplies they will need to achieve success in the skills and strategies discussed.

Conversation Points are resources for home visitors, who are trained in TRHV, that provide an overview of each of the curriculum chapter’s main points and practical applications. They can be used by home visitors as starting points to plan conversations, discussions, and activities with families from a selected Everyday Moments or Special Focus Moments chapter.

Download Capabilities

The full TRHV curriculum can be downloaded to your device as one file, or you can download separate sections or resources depending on your needs. Once you have downloaded resources to your personal device (e.g., computer, phone), they can be emailed or texted directly to the families that you work with.

Search Functions

The curriculum and associated resources are searchable. When using the search feature, you may search by the category, name, or keywords that may be associated with that resource (e.g., sleep, eating, safety, support).

If you have any questions about TRHV or the associated resources, please email



In 2019-2021, the TRHV curriculum was pilot tested with 10 Army installations. Home visitors who were trained during the pilot provided feedback that has been used to enhance and improve the curriculum and associated resources.

Marine Corps

The TRHV curriculum will be pilot tested with the Marine Corps in 2023.


The TRHV curriculum will be pilot tested with identified installations soon.