Day 5 – Take Root Home Visitation

Date: November 6, 2020

Duration: 2.75 Hours

  • Live Group Session

    1.5 Hours

    • Welcome and check-in
    • Review of the independent study work: PF and TICP
    • Questions/discussion about Steps 1 and 2
    • Introduce Family Pages and Go Pages
    • Group discussion: TRHV Activity Cards
    • Using professional skills to develop a Family Service Plan: Steps 3 and 4a
    • Breakout Session (30 mins): Miller Family – Building a First Visit
    • Review of Step 4b: The Visit Reporting Form process
    • Introduce the Jones Family and assign independent study work
  • Independent Study

    1.25 Hours

    1. Read the Jones Case Study, review the FNS and PFS:SF screeners and identify strengths (first!) and then potential trauma/stressors.
      • Construct an Intake/Update Form
      • Review the Parent Information Form
      • Complete a draft of the Visit Planning Form (to be shared with the group on Day 6)
      • Review the Visit Reporting Form
    2. Select and read one of the Everyday Moment chapters from the Parenting Life or Military Family Life groups (found between pages 455 and 622). As you read through the chapter, answer the following questions:
      • Which Protective Factors are supported by information related to this chapter’s topic?
      • How might you use the “Through a Child’s Eyes” chart to help a parent build their skills or knowledge?
    3. Review this chapter’s Family Pages.
      • Select one- or two-Family Pages that you could have ready to use at any given visit that would apply to many families.
      • Are there any Family Pages that you would want to wait to use until you have established a strong or steady relationship with a parent? If so, which one(s) and why?
  • Open Office Hours

    3:00-4:00pm ET

    with Kimberly

  • Materials Needed