Day 3 – Take Root Home Visitation

Date: November 4, 2020

Duration: 3 Hours

  • Live Group Session

    2 Hours

    • Welcome and check-in
    • Discussion of the strengths and stressors of the Millers
    • Review of the independent study work: PFS:SF scoring
    • Using data to build a Family Service Plan: Steps 1 and 2
    • Breakout Session (35 Minutes): Miller Family: TRHV Intake/Update Form and Parent Information Form
    • Thinking about next steps: Highlight layout of the curriculum sections/how to understand the chapters and Family Pages (Review and discuss Part 6: Sleep and the Sleep Family Pages)
    • Assign independent study work
      • TICP Introduction
  • Independent Study

    1 Hour

    1. Select and read one of the Everyday Moments chapters from the Young Children’s Play and Exploration group (found between pages 253-454). As you are reading through the chapter, answer the following questions:
      • Which Protective Factors are supported by information related to this chapter’s topic?
      • How might you use the “Through a Child’s Eyes” chart to help a parent build their skills or knowledge?
    2. Reflect on the TICP section of the Young Children’s Play and Exploration chapter chosen above.
      • Can you think of a time when applying one or more of these principles in a home visit was or could have been helpful for a parent?
      • Use the Trauma-Informed Care and Practice Principles in Everyday Moments Chapters handout to complete the TICP Qualtrics Survey. You are encouraged to print your completed survey, so your answers are available to you for the discussion on Day 5.
      • (Due 5pmET on Thursday)
    3. Read Part 3: How to Use Take Root Home Visitation
  • Open Office Hours

    3:00-4:00pm ET

    with Tara

  • Materials Needed