Day 2 – Take Root Home Visitation

Date: November 3, 2020

Duration: 3.75 Hours

  • Live Group Session

    2.5 Hours

    • Welcome and check-in
    • Questions
    • Discussion and review of the independent study work
    • Large group discussion: Taking Care of You – Applying Protective Factors to Your Self-Care
    • Trauma introduction – ACEs, toxic stress, trauma
    • Breakout Session (10 mins): Trauma Informed Care and Practice (TICP) Principles
    • Large group discussion about strengths-based practices
    • Overview of the TRHV 5-Step Process
    • Assign independent study work
      • Introduce Miller Family
      • Protective Factors Survey: Short Form (PFS:SF)
      • PFS:SF Calculator
  • Independent Study

    1.25 Hours

    1. Read the Miller Case Study, including Marquita’s FNS and PFS:SF assessments
      • Look for strengths and potential stressors
    2. Complete the Protective Factors Survey online module, including the post-module assessment (Due by Tuesday at midnight)
    3. Practice using the PFS:SF scoring calculator (will need Excel)
    4. Review the TRHV (5 Steps) Process handout
    5. Read the Everyday Moment: Sleep chapter and the Sleep Family Pages
  • Open Office Hours

    3:00-4:00pm ET

    with Tara

  • Materials Needed